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Five TV Shows I Am Really Enjoying

I’ve caught a few new shows of late that I’m really enjoying. I thought I’d mention them. You know, since The Game of Thrones can bite my ass. Yes, I’m still all cranky about that.

There are spoilers ahead, but I designed my writeups not to reveal more than you might learn in the opening minutes of each show.

Orphan Black

This is a new show from the BBC; it airs on BBC America here in the States. The show stars Tatiana Maslany as Sarah, a young ne’er do well trying to sell a big brick of stolen cocaine so she can use the money to get her daughter back, run away, and start life anew somewhere else.


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Review – ‘Amplification’ by Dragonfly

Dragonfly is a new band  years in the making, that recently released its first album, Amplification. Industrial-influenced metal with Turkish, Moroccan, and Indian themes, this 14-song album gets in your head and stays. Powerful writing, amazing musicians, heavy riffs, insightful lyrics, and musical themes that take you to several corners of the world combine to make great music.

This band is comprised of serious professional studio and live musicians who formed Dragonfly as an “Internet experiment” under Corey Tamas, singer, guitarist, and songwriter for the band.

Aaron Ferrera (drums) is a composer in addition to his work as a drummer, while Olga Zoubkova (backing vocals) has a successful solo career in Europe. Andrew Tokuda (bass) is better known as Digital Droo, and Anward Khurshid played Sitar on the Life of Pi soundtrack. MJ Cyr (backing vocals) is touring North American in support of her own solo album, Canopy.

Corey Tamas - Dragonfly

Corey Tamas – Dragonfly

Dragonfly bills itself as metal, but I think it would be more fair to call the band hard rock, if that even means anything these days. There is plenty of distortion and the metal influence is clear, but the wonderful Middle Eastern, North African, and Subcontinent influences are just as, if not more, prevalent the the metal influences.

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