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Bryan Chaffin wrote about Apple and technology for 23 years as the cofounder and editor-in-chief of The Mac Observer, which he and his business partner sold in 2022. Bryan lives with his dog Ichabod in Silicon Valley, where they both enjoy the fantabulous pastime of THROW THE DAMNED BALL! It’s a hoot. 10 out of 10 stars. Would recommend. Bring treats. In other news, Bryan loves writing. He loves words. He revels in the power of stories.

Bryan released his first SciFi novel, Accidental Intelligence, in 2023. He’s working on more short stories set in the same universe, as well as the second book in Mason Truman’s story, Inside the Mirror. He is planning to release that in late 2024.

You can find our more about him in this blog, and on his main social media account:

Instagram: @GeekTells
Threads: @GeekTells

Mason Truman’s Threads: @MasonTrumanPI

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