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Back From the Chapel…

Huh…I’m married. w00t!

A Not So Hard Days Night with the Beatles

The Beatles have had a sort of weird place in mind when it comes to covering them. Early stuff like "You Can’t Do That" (etc.) is pretty straight forward, and the hard part of it comes in not from the complexity, but rather from the deceptively-simple sounding, but not at all straight forward (Think "Close Your Eyes"), chords they worked into those tunes.

Their later stuff sounds so damned good — even after all these years — that I’ve had some kind of "I surely can’t play that because it must be hard" roadblock, even though much of it is even more straight forward than some of their early tunes.

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Analyzing a Poker Hand

I’ve been really focusing on the mental and player side of poker lately, and am really enjoying doing so. On Friday, I made a great read on a player and then played that read accordingly, and I have to tell you it felt great.

The hand:

I’m in the BB with the stellar holding of 9d5c.

Three people limp, the SB calls, and I check.

The flop is Ah 5s 2d

I check, two others check, and the hijack bets. The SB folds, and I think about the hand.

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Crack shall be a multipurpose word for this post. Really, I should make that cracked. I’ve had aces eight times in the last 14 hours of poker play, and they’ve been cracked like a dried out bone six of those times (I did win the blinds twice, so yippee-fucking-kai-yah-yay for that).

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One Week?

What the heck? I’m getting married in a week?


It’s been such a long time coming, and I can’t wait. It’s truly amazing to think that Darla and I could manage to meet from halfway around the world, fall in love, be together, and then stay together for five years, yet here we are.

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