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A Not So Hard Days Night with the Beatles

The Beatles have had a sort of weird place in mind when it comes to covering them. Early stuff like "You Can’t Do That" (etc.) is pretty straight forward, and the hard part of it comes in not from the complexity, but rather from the deceptively-simple sounding, but not at all straight forward (Think "Close Your Eyes"), chords they worked into those tunes.

Their later stuff sounds so damned good — even after all these years — that I’ve had some kind of "I surely can’t play that because it must be hard" roadblock, even though much of it is even more straight forward than some of their early tunes.

Take "Come Together," a song that is so richly layered, I’ve never bothered trying to learn or play it. We’re doing it at this year’s Cirque du Mac party, however, so I finally set about doing so, and w00t! It’s pretty darned easy. Now, if the All Stars can make it sound 10% as good and smooth as The Beatles, we won’t frak it up!

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