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Sick. Bah. Teh Suck. Studio. w00t.

I’ve never been keen on being sick. Accordingly, I am delighted that I have a nasty-ass chest cold, especially since I am getting two crowns today, and am going into the studio with the Atomic Love Bombs all weekend.

Oh, and I am going into the studio all weekend with the Atomic Love Bombs. w00t!

We had a great rehearsal on Tuesday, and Joe and I tossed around some new ideas after the rehearsal for some new tunes. ‘Twas good stuff. I am hoping the band can finish something I’ve been doodling with for months, and Joe has two songs that I really, really dig.

Now, back to my irregularly scheduled chest cold and phlegm-filled lungs.


I love the folks at J!NX. They have the best geeky shirts, and I saw a great new one in their newsletter. N00B. I AM YOUR FATHER.


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Aggressive Heads Up SNG Tournament

One of the reasons I have enjoyed heads up Razz and HORSE Sit-n-Gos so much is that they match my style. My ability to read the board, understand my odds (both pot and drawing), and consider what my opponent is playing allows me to bully passive players and give the lagtards enough rope to hang themselves.

Where I run into trouble is against very aggressive players who know what they’re doing.

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Atomic Love Bombs

Hmmm….41 and in a rock band. w00t! The Atomic Love Bombs asked me to officially join the band today, something I immediately said yes to. These cats make music that is not just right up my alley, it’s in an alley that runs behind the house I grew up in.

Or something. The point is that I love the tunes, I like the guys in the band, and I feel like a lucky duck to have a chance to work with them. The music is original, and I love their approach to it. Those who’ve known me for a long time will understand the band’s appeal to me if they listen to some of the live tracks on the site.

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