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Bryan Chaffin Interview by Adam Gaffen

A screenshot from Bryan Chaffin's interview by Adam Gaffen.

I was interviewed by author Adam Gaffen! Yay me! The interview covers a wide range of topics: from my novel Accidental Intelligence, to my next release (see King Liam below), to TV, to coffee, to writing tips, and my all-important hot take on who shot first, Han or Greedo.

Mr. Gaffen has a regular series of author interviews on his site, The Cassidy Chronicles. You’ll find many interviews there, as well as information about his books, The Cassidy Chronicles (it’s in the name!), The Godsfall Series, and much more. He was an excellent host.

King Liam and Other Updates

In addition to my author interview, I am close to releasing my free short story, tentatively titled King Liam.

Set in the Terran Republic universe of Mason Truman, it follows a belter miner named Liam. He’s on a cockamamie journey out to the Oort Cloud in pursuit of the biggest score any miner has ever had. Singleships aren’t made for such long journeys, but what he finds would make a helluva story. If he makes it back.

This story is with my editor now, and I’m working with Krisztian Koves on the cover. He did the cover for Accidental Intelligence, and I’m excited to work with him again. I’ll announce a release date as we get closer. It will be a free ebook everywhere Accidental Intelligence is on sale.

Deleted Tales from the Quantum Vault

I’m also working on three deleted scenes from Accidental Intelligence. These will be another free release for people who sign up for my soon-to-be-launched newsletter. I’m including introductions that discuss why they were deleted.

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