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More Stupidity from the Religious Right

The Bush administration has stupefyingly arrested David Carruthers, the British subject who is CEO of, a British-based publicly traded online casino. The charges are racketeering, conspiracy and fraud related to doing business with U.S.-based customers. Perhaps it’s a thank you to British Prime Minister Tony Blair for sticking by the U.S. in its disastrous execution of the "War on Terror."

Bus Daly penned a nice diatribe against the insanity from the folks in DC focusing on gambling at a time when there are so many real problems in both the U.S. and the world (many of those problems caused by the administration itself, but that’s another issue).

An excerpt: "Uncle Sam is not the least bit deterred by all the bombs and other explosives that are wreaking havoc on civilization. No siree. Amidst all the death, carnage and threats to the existence of the U.S., Dubya is making the world safe for democracy by rounding up and arresting corporate gaming executives."

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