It’s Hot

It’s hot. It’s not Texas hot. Texas hot sucks. But Bay Area hot is almost as bad because so few folks have AC. I don’t have AC. That makes the hot suck. Clearly, BTW, going from unseasonably cool weather to unseasonably blazing-hell hot is proof that our environment is not changing.

Or something.

I got WTFPWNed today playing poker. Gotta love those days, especially when it’s hot. Still it’s been a good month, and life is generally grand. That I have so little to complain about that whining about the heat is top priority is indicative that things are good.

Speaking of good, I am super proud of Darla right now. She’s been busting butt at work, and being very successful while doing so. Her new store opening has been a series of challenges, and she’s risen to meet every one of them. I love how competent and talented she is.

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