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King Liam, First of His Name!

I am delighted to announce that King Liam, First of His Name is available for preorder. This is a FREE short story set in the universe of Accidental Intelligence. It’s available for preorder on Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, and Google Play, and will be available on Kobo and Apple Books on June 4th.

It’s also available NOW as an audiobook I narrated on Audible, Kindle, and Apple Books for about $3.49.

“King Liam, First of His Name!” That’s what he’ll call himself when he makes it back. He’s gonna strike it rich in the Oort Cloud. Should be easy, right?

An image showing the cover of King Liam, First of His Name.
King Liam, First of His Name
A free ebook!

Who Is This Mad Miner?

King Liam is a miner. A belter miner, to be more specific. Sure, he’s a little ornery. Some say he’s a little touched, but you had to dip your toes in the crazy to want to spend months in a ship built for one tooling around the solar system prospecting for ore.

The point is he’s on his way to the Oort Cloud! He’s going to mine out where ain’t nobody what can tell him what he can and can’t do. So what if everyone back on Ceres said he was crazy thinking he could make it that far, let alone make it back. He’ll show ’em! He’ll show ’em all!

King Liam and Accidental Intelligence

King Liam’s story is set in the same universe as Mason Truman and Accidental Intelligence. It takes place in 2141 CE, a couple of years after Accidental Intelligence and about the same time as Inside the Mirror, book two of Mason’s story.

I would love it if you downloaded this free short story or gifted it to a friend who likes SciFi. Did I mention it was free?

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