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May You Live in Interesting Times

May you live in interesting times

Firstly, according to Wikipedia, the titular phrase of this post has never been traced back to a Chinese source, but it’s apt nonetheless. We live in interesting times. And it sucks. So yay us!

In no particular order, it turns out that Elon Musk is really, really weird. And a massive hypocrite. I mean, I’ve long thought he was a hypocrite when it came to business, but said hypocrisy is also showing when it comes to philosophy intersecting with business. The free speech absolutist has been banning¬†left-leaning accounts while letting the fascists, racists, and homophobes run loose. He’s been banning journalists who cover him and college kid who posted publicly available data on where his jet is or has been. And as of this weekend, he has forbidden a lot of links to competing sites.

His commitment to free speech is astounding.

Trump’s grifts continue full speed, while election deniers get loonier by the day. DeSantis is going full-blown anti-vax, and the QAnon world has been digging deep to find ever-lower levels of rational thought.¬†While I’m here, fuck FIFA, fuck Putin, fuck white nationalists, fuck christian fascists, and fuck that whackadoodle judge in Texas for his bullshit rulings.

Oh, and what is it with Trump’s delusions about his own body? More importantly, what is it with his cult’s delusions about his body? I’m fat, too, but I don’t routinely photoshop my head onto hot bods. He does, though, or rather people who work for him do, as do his cult-like fanboys and fangirls. The man isn’t strong. He’s not fit. He’s not buff. He’s a fat, elderly man. What the actual fuck is it with this particular denial-of-reality thing? It’s so weird.

So, yeah, We live in interesting times.

By the bye, I’m on ( I’ve seldom been a prolific social media poster, but Post feels like the first social media platform with a real shot at being an alternative to the already-established platforms. They’re still in beta, but you may want to check out. That may mean signing up for the waiting list and then waiting. As I said, they’re still in beta, but I like the look and feel of this site. Jeff and I talked about Post in a recent Context Machine episode.

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