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Pop Goes the Question!

At long last, I have officially asked Darla to marry me. Oh sure, we agreed the time had come back in March, and we had the date set almost immediately. But, I hadn’t asked those words — "Will you marry me?" — and she didn’t have a rock on her finger.

I did. She said yes. Now she is.


I think I’ll have to change my blog to "" Wait, that one is, shockingly, taken, so I won’t make it a link.

In the meanwhile, thanks to Geoff for helping us with the quarrying process, and thanks to Torrey for causing me to have to put off for one day the popping of the question. I still love you anyway, Torrey, and I hope you have fun in Japan. 🙂

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  1. Congratulations! Hadn’t realised no question had been popped yet…(good grammar me)
    Well you may feel a touch of Aussie in the air in December- the fam and I will be stopping oh so briefly at San Fran airport on our way to Canada- we will ski and freeze and see my mum and Ray, who are meeting us there.
    Hope you have loads of fun in the preparing of the wedding- my only advice is that it is all about you and your beloved, so be selfish and do whatever the hell you want. 🙂

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