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Speaking of Clouds, How about Some Words?

I won’t bother telling you that I’ve finished Accidental Intelligence again. We’ve all been down that path together too many times. I will tell you, however, that I started querying once more.

It’s a rough time of year to query because many agents stop taking submissions this quarter, but we’ll see what we see. I have what I think is a good query letter, and Q really helped me polish the holy heck out of my manuscript. Between her and D. A. Del Castillo, not to mention my great betas, I’ve had some remarkable help.

Anyhoo, I ran my final manuscript through—which is just far too cool—and got this awesome word cloud. In other words, here’s my novel in a nutshell. Now, if I could just get a TextArc of it…

What are words for? (Click for a larger image)
What are words for? (Click for a larger image)

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