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Threads Is my Twitter Replacement, Book Cover Reveal Is Nigh!

I’m pretty sure at this point that Threads is my Twitter replacement, and I have some details on the cover reveal for Accidental Intelligence. I’m still on all the other alternative social media platforms (@GeekTells for the lot of them), but Threads is where I’m consistently posting*. It’s also where I’ve been able to tap into the writing community, including writers, reviewers, and fans. I’d love it if you joined me! Mason Truman has an account, too, where he posts from the year 2139. He hasn’t told me how he’s able to do it, but I know where his loved ones live and hope to have the secret from him soon.

Accidental Intelligence Cover Reveal Is Nigh!

Speaking of Mason, my cover reveal is coming very soon, as in within the next couple of weeks. I am very excited about this cover, and even more excited to finally release this book! Barring unexpected things, the book will be available within the month. Here’s a sneak-peek of the cover.

Accidental Intelligence teaser for the cover.
Sneak-peek, such as it is, of the cover for Accidental Intelligence

Site Redesign, Reviewers Needed, and More

Some other odds and ends include a site redesign. I have a very talented person who is working with me on the redesign, and I look forward to rolling it out, again, soon.

I’m also putting an open call out for SciFi book reviewers! If you review SciFi books on social media, Apple’s Books, Barnes and Noble, or Amazon, his me up for an ARC. You can use the Contact form here at or a social media DM. Whatevs.

*No, I mean it! I’m actually posting and responding to posts, too!

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