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Illusion This!

Darla and I watched The Illusionist last night. It was a very good movie, though it’s always struck me as strange to have a period piece that’s completely fictionalized, especially when it mixes in a few historical figures just for fun. That’s probably just me, though.

Still, Ed Norton is always incredible, and the plot was unfolded in a compelling manner.

Wait, I have another nit. The movie makers used modern film special effects to make Eisenheim’s illusions look real to a modern audience. In other words, what the character of Eisenheim was doing in the film was designed by the film makers to look real to us, and that’s taking the cheap way out, IMNHO. It added an element of "is he for real" that was very artificial, a device.

Bah, but who cares? It was a cool movie. 🙂

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