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Drive: Great New TV Serial

The word "Drive" evokes two people in me: Joe Strummer and Mark Dacascos. That is until this past week when we saw Fox’s new series, Drive. Now I can add Nathan Fillion and Tim Minear to that list of dudes I think about when I think "Drive."

Boy, that sounds weird.

In any event, Darla and I are digging this new series about a "secret and illegal cross-country race." Some of the participants appear to have been lured in with the offer of a US$32 million first prize (there is no second prize), and others, like Nathan Fillion, have something or someone being held hostage by the organizers of The Race, as it is called.

Tim Minear is one of the best producers in TV: X-Files, Angel, Firefly, Wonderfalls, The Inside…Hmmm…Most of the shows were canceled by Fox after a short and fiery life. Truth be told, I fear that to be the case with this one, too, but I am going to watch it while I can.

Nathan as Alex Tulley is fantastic, and the bad guys are all compelling as heck. Then there’s the hotty with the tusch…No, wait. She seems to be out of The Race already. Oh, that’s right. It’s a Tim Minear show, and he learned from Joss that no one is sacred. In fact, I read that he told TV Guide that we shouldn’t get too attached to anyone.

I love that.

Watch this show. It’s very good. Download the first three eps fro iTunes if you need to.

Oh wait. Fox canceled it already.

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