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John Edwards Growing Some Cojones?

When the hell did John Edwards grow a pair of balls? During an interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN Wednesday, Mr. Edwards said that President Bush has been using Al Qaeda being in Iraq as the excuse for everything he has done (though he didn’t mention that Al Qaeda was not in Iraq until Saddam was ousted, but that’s another issue), including the war itself, "Guantanamo," "torture," and "illegal spying on Americans."

Those last three items are things the American people and the Democratic party have largely been shamefully silent on (I used different terminology when discussing this with Darla). For a presidential candidate to be finally willing to take on those issues makes me stand up and say "Huzzah!"


Listening to him speak, it’s obvious that he’s gained some strength since the 2004 election, and that’s also a good thing. He also addressed the criticisms of his US$400 haircuts from Republican Mitt Romney by saying, "Governor, we ought to be talking about what we’re going to do about men and women dying in Iraq, not this kind of silliness."


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