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Life, It Seems, is Indeed Good

Listening to The Church’s excellent cover of "Cortez the Killer" — what a great song, and what a great cover — and it occurs to me that life is indeed good. I have an amazing woman that loves me, great friends, a great job that affords me absurd flexibility, a wonderful dog who’s greying faster than his pop, and (good) little things like great music to listen to and Battlestar Galactica to watch.

With the assault on America being lead by the Bush administration and the Repbulican party, the destruction of our environment, religious zealots from many faiths trying to enslave us all in their preferred theocracy, and even (bad) little things like wanky people to get us irritated…Sometimes it’s good to stop a moment from dwelling on all the negative things around us in order to take stock of the good things in our lives.

Today, The Church helped me do that, and for that I say thanks. This post may come off as cheesy, but it’s quite heartfelt.

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