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The Latest Bill O’Reilly & Fox News Lie

The most recent lie from the crazy whack job known as Bill O’Reilly and his employer, Fox News, is almost too much to believe. During a recent O’Reilly Factor broadcast, these un-American pigs labeled Republican congressman Mark Foley a Democrat during a report about Mr. Foley exchanging sexually suggestive IMs with a 16 year old male former page. Mr. Foley is, of course, a Republican, the party for whom Fox News and O’Reilly work so hard to spread propaganda.

Fortunately, John Amato at got a screen shot — you know, for posterity. My good friend Greg Snyder suggested we all help spread it far and wide for people to seem, and I think that’s a fine idea. Accordingly:

Fox News and Bill O’Reilly and the Republican propaganda machine

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  1. I also appreciate that Jon Stewart and the Daily Showed called bullshit on this during their Wednesday broadcast. Fox has balls. Either that, or they’re fucking idiots. Either way…

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