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Whispers 4

The bathroom is steamy, the mirrors fogged. I’m drying off when I see it. A large X on the medicine cabinet mirror. A loose circle surrounds it. Hastily scrawled, like it was spray painted.

It wasn’t there yesterday. Or the day before. Or a month ago.

Or ever.

No one else uses my bathroom. No one’s even been up to my floor.

But there’s a giant X on the mirror.

I freeze. Deep breaths. I study the mirror. The X is still there. I close my eyes. Open them.

Still there.

I shiver, despite the post-shower warmth. I close my eyes again, and listen. Nothing. I open them again and look at the larger mirror over the sink. No markings. No messages.

The X and the circle seem to laugh at me.

I rush out of the bathroom and grab my iPhone. I’m half expecting the X to have faded in the few seconds I was gone.

It didn’t.

I snap this photo and leave.

Mirror X

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