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I’m a Gonna Gonna Get You Drunk

I have a few issues with Alanis Morissette — For one thing she had the misfortune of singing about giving blowjobs in a theatre at the same time that Poe was singing about blowing you…away. Frankly, Alanis just seemed lame in comparison, but is it really her fault that Poe is a goddess among mortals?

Be that as it may, she then went on to list a score or two of things she labeled as "ironic," but ironically, none of them were really ironic. And, while she conceded this point herself when asked in an interview, I have found it difficult to believe that she was being ironic when naming rain on your wedding day ironic.

Aha! But now she’s redeemed herself, at least in my eyes, and I am well aware of how important it was to her to do so. She’s covered Fergie’s "My Humps," and done so brilliantly. This was, as I understand it, an April Fool’s Day joke, but I think it’s absolutely fantastic. It’s not only well executed, it’s GREAT! I happen to enjoy the original in its proper context, but Alanis’ plaintive treatment of this tune is beautiful, even while it’s ironic.

Go figure.

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  1. I was working with teenagers when that song originally came out, and they controlled the radio, so I thought I’d heard just about enough of that song. Even so, I thoroughly enjoyed the Alanis version when I saw it on the ‘Tube the other night. I do tend to like really bizarre, off-the-wall covers, though.

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