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Jamming With the All Stars

Jamming With the All Stars

It’s that time again. Macworld starts this week, and that means it’s another gig with the Macworld All Stars (we rehearse once a year, whether or not we need it…). Being able to play with these guys has been not only an amazing pleasure, it’s been a huge learning opportunity over the years, and I will forever be grateful to everyone in the band for letting me be a part of it.

In the meanwhile, I think the rehearsal went pretty well, but not well enough to make the show night suck. We have a tradition of playing better during the party when the rehearsal was rough, but I think this one will be a fun performance. We’ve introduced several new toons, including at least one toon that was released this century!


And all the other songs are good ones, too. Well, except for "Taking Care of Business," but A.) I don’t play on it, and B.) Chuck sings it really well and the band makes even that song sound fun. 🙂

Oh, and Bob? When did he learn how to sing? Man, he sounded great. Night and day from years gone by, and I saw w00t!

I had trouble hitting a couple of the higher notes, and my voice was pretty raw on Sunday (rehearsal was Saturday), but I should be good to go on Wednesday. We’ll see. 🙂

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