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When You Get a Brick Layer for a Dealer

Ever play in one of those poker tournaments where the dealer gets up and a brick layer sits down every time you get a card? Yeah, yeah, we all have.

I played in Cadillac Poker‘s private "Anything But Holdem" (ABH) tourney last night — it was Razz this week — at PokerStars, and I am serious when I say that 97% of my hands were in the bottom 20%. That’s just harsh.

For instance, Robert Collins called my preflop completes twice with a K showing, and both times I got runner-runner bricks. Indeed, that was the case whenever I did get a nice starting hand. 🙂

Fortunately, it was a 7 man tourney, and I was still able to place in the money (3rd). With 400 chips, I sucked out on Robert in an all-in confrontation to double up, and then folks started going out left and right.

Unfortunately, both of my remaining opponents had me vastly outstacked, and were the type to call me no matter what they held. That meant no bluffing, and when you’re holding two face cards and a wheel card, and then catch runner-runner aces and can only beat a bluff, it’s hard to make a move.

Still, I am proud of my finish, even in such a small tourney, when I got the kinds of cards I got. I have no doubt that I was bluffed a few hands, and had I played perfectly, could have moved up a place or two, but I’ll take it! 🙂

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