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Scatter Shot: 12-12-12, Dobby, Two Rogers, & Instagram

Hey folks, it’s time for another scatter shot post. First up:

The Stones

OK, how did I miss this? When did Dobby sign with The Stones? To refresh your memory, here he is in one of the Potter films:


And here is is playing guitar with Mick Jagger in the 12-12-12 Concert for Sandy Relief.

Dobby Jams
Mick’s on the left, Dobby’s on the right.

It’s great to see that even a house elf can get a leg up in the world.

Speaking of the Concert for Sandy Relief, it was very cool. The Stones sounded awesome. In fact, Mick Jagger not only sang wonderfully, he was dancing his non-existent butt off! That man is amazing. Dobby and Ron Wood looked like they were just happy to be able to stand up for their set, but Mick was prancing and dancing as only Mick Jagger can. It was totally awesome.

And really, how does he still have a great voice?

The Who

Speaking of 6-pack abs and Ageless Male, Roger Daltrey got it going on! Check the insanity out:


Ageless Male
6-Pack Abs

Sorry about the banner. Roger legally has to have it there when he’s displaying so much awesome.

Roger has always taken care of himself, but man oh man did he look good. We know this because, as you can see, he undid his shirt in the middle of December to make sure we knew it.

He also sounded really good. I last saw The Who in 2004, and he sounded way better in the 12-12-12 performance than he did eight years ago. Maybe that’s Ageless Male, too?

Pete, of course, continues to be as amazing as ever. He sounded fantastic. He is such an unsung guitar hero.

Roger Waters

Oh, did you catch the news? Danny Trejo is going to play the role of Roger Waters in Pink Floyd: Apocalypse. Here’s a promo pic:

Danny Trejo as Roger Waters
Danny Trejo as Roger Waters

Boy, it looks great. The tagline is, “You’d Better Run, Because Your Money’s No Good…”


Unfortunately, I missed Roger Waters’s actual performance during YouTube’s broadcast of the event. I will be watching it when it’s available later this month. There were several performances I missed, and I’m looking forward to it.


A friend of mine finally talked me into signing up for an Instagram account. She’s an awesome photographer with lots of cool photos posted. I, on the other hand, am a middling photographer, but I’ve been meaning to sign up for a long time, so hoorah!

You can look me up as “geektells.”

Update on Mason Truman

Lastly, I have been working quite hard on my novel since my last post about it. Nothing to report yet, but I’ve made some progress and am pleased with the results.

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