Poker Politics & “Conservatives”

By way of introduction to my brand spanking new (8-month old) blog, I will blast some chuckleheads who fancy themselves “conservatives.”

This past weekend, I interviewed with Ricky Spero for The Context Machine portion the TMO Weekly Round up (iTunes Link).

The Weekly Roundup is a weekly podcast recapping the week’s Apple and related-tech news. It’s great for you folks looking to catch up on everything in one great-sounding podcast. The Context Machine (a name I LOVE) is an analysis segment where Ricky brings on TMO editors to dissect the news, to give it more context, and to offer our opinions on what it means.

This particular show, we talked most about the recent house bill that attempts to stop online poker, while protecting online horse betting and online lotteries. In addition to this bill being hypocritical, pointless, and un-American, it’s real intent is not to stop online gambling (never mind that poker is a game of skill), but rather to be a handy wedge issue for the upcoming midterm elections in the States. It’s pandering to the fundamentalist Christians who don’t get that they’re merely the other side of the Taliban coin.